Summer Clearance

I try to be super organized in almost every aspect of my life.  Whether that’s at home, in office, in my emails, in the car, grocery shopping, basically anywhere that can be organized, I want it organized!  It keeps me stress free to know everything at home or wherever it may be is put in it’s correct place and when I need something, I know exactly where that “something” is, even if I weren’t home to look for it.  Do you ever get a call from someone at home, whether it’s your kids or spouse and they are asking “where is ____?!”  I know I get plenty of those calls!  But guess what?  I know exactly where everything is and I can tell them right away.  Last July Christopher and I moved into our first “real” home and out of our first apartment that we had together.  I told myself before we moved I would purge every room and get rid of things we didn’t use, didn’t need, or outgrew.  I did a fairly decent job purging, but there were still things left that I ended up boxing up and had shipped over to the house and put in the basement.  Out of sight and out of mind, right?  Not only did I have items in the basement I really didn’t “need”, I also unpacked items and put them in either our room, bathrooms, the bedrooms, kitchen, office, everywhere knowing I should have just donated them.  I’m not a huge hoarder, it’s more just pure laziness where I can’t be bothered to sort through things when you are already moving which is stressful enough!  During the winter I did some random purging here and there but it wasn’t much and didn’t really make a dent in the house as far as how I would have hoped.  I’m the type of person that thinks about all that needs to be done at home whilst I sit in the office trying to focus on work.  It makes me crazy to know there are piles of things in the basement that need to be sorted through, but I can’t get to them because life is so busy!  I vowed to myself I would go through everything this summer, no excuses, and have a garage sale!

It was perfect timing when our new neighborhood promoted they were having a neighborhood garage sale at the end of June!  I was totally stoked and told Christopher this is our chance to get rid of literally everything we don’t need or want or care for any longer and make some money off of it.  Even if we made $5 I would still make profit since everything I usually don’t want I just donate.  I have never had a garage sale before so I really didn’t know what to expect or how to do it.  So here are the steps I took and I think for newbies we did pretty well! 🙂


Literally plan out a full day or two depending on how big your house is, and go into each room of the house and look through every drawer, box, shelf, table, everything.  Have one box for donations and one box for your garage sale.  Not everything you don’t want needs to be put in the garage sale, that is when you put it in the donation box instead.  Anything you haven’t used for over a year, anything you no longer use, and anything you no longer want goes into the donation box.  Anything broken goes into the trash, and anything that is really not worth much at a garage sale gets put into the donation box.  Don’t leave anything untouched, literally go through it all.  Think to yourself while you are purging if YOU were to go into a garage sale what would you want to buy from your house that you no longer want.  The things you think are worth something put in the garage sale box.  Some of you may have issues giving up things, so I use one rule of thumb and that is “if I were shopping right now, would I buy this?”  If I would, then keep it.  If not, give it away.


Once I had gone through every room, I went through all the boxes I considered worthy of the garage sale and started to sort through them in the basement.  I had a section for clothes, household items, kids toys and books, bags and purses, and then misc. items.  As I was going through the garage sale items I made sure each item was able to be sold and if not, I threw it in a donation box.  Sometimes taking a second look you realize “oh, maybe that can just be donated instead”.  I also had a good idea come to mind when I was sorting through things and made a “Free” box, for things I really didn’t care to gain any money off of, however, still get it out of the house.  And who else doesn’t love to see “Free” written somewhere?!

Setting up the Garage

Christopher helped a lot with this part.  And when I mean a lot, I mean he basically did it all.  He is really great at constructing things and I love it 🙂  He created a bar to hang clothes on in the garage, and tables out of boxes with plywood laid on top.  Any big items we had we planned to put out on the driveway to draw people in.  Since we were selling a TV we made sure it was plugged in and a movie was playing so people could see it actually did work and we weren’t selling them a dud!  We even created signs for the clothes that said “Mrs, Mr, and Miss” so people knew which clothes were which.  Someone that is looking for something in particular wants to go straight to the source and not have to search around for what they need.  I found grouping the same items in one place helped customers not have to feel “lost” when searching for something.



The night before the garage sale we brought the boxes from the basement, and any other items that didn’t fit in boxes, to the garage and started to plan out where each item would go.  McKenna even had fun planning out how her table would look with all of her toys and books! Once we laid everything out, clothes on the bar, shoes on the table, McKenna’s books and toys laid out, etc. we started to price things.  I bought little dot stickers from Target ($3 for 80 I think) and we just went through the entire garage and labeled all items except for clothes and books.  For the books I had them in one tote and wrote a big sign that said $2/each and for our clothes we made big signs that said “All t-shirts $x, pants $x”, etc.  That way people could see how much each item was and didn’t have to ask us.  At the end of the sale, with about an hour left, we literally put everything out for $1 to just sell it and get it off of our hands.  This was a great idea!



After the garage sale was over, the next day we took everything that was left and put it in our donation boxes.  Our bigger items such as our dog crate, Christopher’s golf clubs and skis, were photographed and put on craigslist to sell.

All in all we made a little over $200 and I would say that’s a success!!  Now with everything out of the house that we no longer need or want or care for is a relief.  The basement is bigger, the rooms are lighter, and there is much more room for things we actually want and need!  I hope to maintain this mindset to not let the house inherit and keep things we no longer use or need, so I plan to go through each room at least once a month to do a check through and make sure things aren’t piling up again.