New Year, New You, New Beginnings, but Old Habits…

Here I am writing a classic blog post on the eve of the New Year on what this past year has brought and what the new year will hopefully bring in.  2017 brought changes, growth, and value to my life.  Moving from Colorado to North Carolina, quitting my job of close to 8 years, and starting a new life has been both liberating and wonderful.  My relationship with Christopher has grown tremendously throughout this transition and I can without a doubt say I wouldn’t want to stand by anyone else in life than with him.  I also can’t help but to reflect on the things I wish to leave behind in 2017 and welcome new in 2018.  I as most of you reading this look at social media probably on a daily basis, numerous amounts of times a day, reading and viewing what others are doing, some of whom you know or possibly some whom you don’t know.  As I scroll through Facebook or Instagram I see things I like and often times I see things I don’t like.  People are constantly looking for approvals, likes, attention, and whoever gets the most of each is considered to be “better and happier” in life.  More likes on your selfie, then you’re prettier than the girl that doesn’t get as many likes.  More comments on your photos, then you’re paid more attention to than the person that doesn’t receive as many comments.  We are constantly searching for approval in the media world to feel actually worth something.  Not only is it the constant need for approval, there is constant battles of differences on social media.  Instead of focusing on the things we have in common with those around us, we focus on what makes us different.  It literally is depressing to read all of the bitching that is done on social media.  Grow up! Seriously.  As 2017 comes to an end, I am vowing to make a change in myself and my household where social media, and people who don’t matter any longer will no longer be of influence in my life.  I vow to focus on myself first and foremost, my loved ones, and to those who actually make time to be apart of those two aspects of my life just mentioned.

Making changes is not always easy though. Just because at the stroke of midnight it’s a new year, doesn’t mean everyone’s hearts, minds, and attitudes change in an instant because they want it to.  The world today wants things right away or not at all.  They don’t want to put work or time into anything.  If it can’t be done with a simple click of the button, they want nothing to do with it.  Putting time and effort into something is a foreign concept.  It takes commitment and consistency to break old habits which have become so engraved in a family, relationship, or life in general.  Although I can get set in my ways, I know if I put my mind and heart to something which I’m passionate to change in my life, I will put 110% into it.  No matter what it takes.  If I have to change my though processes in order to achieve a goal, I’ll do that.  I’ll do anything, bottom line.


Today I took some time to sit down, take out my planner, and write down what I want to change and accomplish in 2018 and also the steps I need to take in order to be successful.  I literally let my mind throw-up on the page in front of me of things I am passionate about, things I have wanted to change for some time now, and also things that will push me out of my comfort zone.  The more I change my pattern of thinking, the more I will change in the direction I wish to go.  The more I change my emotions towards events and decisions in life, the more I will change in the direction I wish to go.  If we constantly live in the same way and think the same way day after day, how do we expect to change into someone better than we were yesterday or last year?  It’s great to say you “want” to change, but then you have to put it in action.  And first and foremost you have to believe in yourself in order to even start the process of changing.  If you think negative, then negative things will happen.  If you always think the worst will happen, then the worst will happen.  Become a magnet of positive thoughts and great things and great people will come to you.

Get rid of people who no longer serve a purpose of positive thoughts and ways in your life.  Remove things in your life that are just clutter now, purge your mind and your life until you come down to the very few things that only serve you and your family greatness and happiness.  You will be surprised to see who you need to let go in life and what you need to let go.  Those people and things which were once so important to you, now they aren’t, and that’s OK.  That means you are changing and willing to be a better version of yourself and not let others control your life or happiness.

Don’t dwell on the past.  I’m honestly the worst person to even begin to try and let go of the past.  Some things I can let go easily and some things I can’t.  I often wonder why I (and probably many others) can let go of things easier than other things.  Is it some sort of closure which is needed, or do we need these past experiences to help us in our present and future still?  I no longer want to “dwell” on the past, however, I want to embrace my past (and the past of others whom are in my life) and learn from it and maybe use it to make my life and the lives around me better.

We always see everyone creating New Years Resolutions that are never accomplished or followed through.  We are considered failures if we don’t complete each and every resolution we would have hoped to achieve.  Why don’t we all focus on one thing in order to improve the world around us?  Giving more than receiving.  Listening more than speaking.  Embracing differences instead of condemning them.  Step out of your comfort zone to see a different perspective of an argument you are passionate about.  We are not perfect, but unless we start to change our thoughts and actions, then the world will not change around us.  It’s OK to take three years to accomplish a resolution we made in 2014.  Some resolutions we try to accomplish and fall short of take us down a journey we would have never went down in the first place.  It’s OK to mess-up, it’s OK to make mistakes, it’s OK to not be perfect.  Instead of looking at the things we didn’t accomplish, let’s focus on how many things we did accomplish this past year.  Take new challenges on in your life with a positive outcome in your mind.  2018 is all about being a more positive and happy YOU.

Here are some of my 2018 Goals:

Have more patience

Let go of people in my past

Let go of the past

Read more books (not electronic)

Learn to scuba dive

Volunteer more

Visit a new place/destination

One day a month no electronics (24 hours)

Save, Save, Save

Budget, Budget, Budget (and stick to it!)

Journal daily

Pay off debt before I spend

Be more organized

More date nights

Create a “McKenna” day

Less wine, more workouts

New Home Decor

Purge, and purge some more

Listen to listen, not to just respond


Happy New Years, and Welcome 2018 🙂