Lauren James timeless planner for planning your entire year

Ladies, I have literally came across the best planner on the planet recently.  If anyone knows me they know I’m a HUGE planner and am always organized.  I have a planner for each important area of my life.  My work, my personal life, and a miscellaneous one that is really used as “reminders” of odds and ends and grocery lists.  I came across this planner on Instagram by Lauren James.  It has everything you could ever want and it has now turned into my new personal planner.  How adorable is the design too?  She has other designs as well and they are super affordable! ($36) 🙂 Let’s dive in to see why this is a perfect planner.

Month View

Each month has the possibility to fill in the dates so the planner is basically timeless.  You could use it this year or you could use it in 5 years and be able to plug-in the dates that pertain to that year in the planner.  I always like having a month view of what I can expect to come up that specific month, keep important dates on my radar, and more than likely be reminded of things I would have been bound to miss if I didn’t have a planner.  It also has a little area for notes and even a fun area that engages you to reflect on the month and write down what was memorable.  I find this to be a great idea because some of us keep our planners or diaries for years to come and it’s always fun to see what we were up to at that time. Or even your daughters or sons are able to read them and enjoy! 🙂

Daily View

I love how each day of the week is broken out into large rows so you can write whatever you need to that keeps things on your radar and what you would like to complete for the day.  It also has a really cool tracker of how much water you are drinking because let’s be honest, water is super important and it’s a great reminder to drink as much as possible each day.  At the end of the page, it has a section where you can plan your meals as well for that week.  It includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and a snack.  Not MUCH room to write things, but yet again, it’s a great reminder to keep track of what you are eating and making sure you are not skipping meals!  It could also encourage someone to plan their meals for the week and stick to it and not fall off the wagon.

Monthly Goals

I find this section to be really neat and out of the ordinary.  Everyone always asks you what your goals for the year are, or five years, or even ten years from now.  I always have found it hard to think out that far so this planner helps you take it step-by-step each month of what you want to achieve.  Whether that’s in your career, health, family, love life, and even fun times.  It’s much easier for me to reflect within a month rather than 10 years from now.  Lives are always evolving and changing month-to-month, so this suits my life a lot better.


Literally I’m the note Queen. I have post-it notes everywhere in my house, in the car, on my forehead :), and at the office.  It is a life saver.  I love that there is a section in the back of this planner for notes.  It’s not just a few pages, it’s about 20!  If you are like me you will fill it up in no time.  I intend to put important notes that are not to be crossed off immediately but mostly things that I want to remember for the immediate future and even months from now.  Whether that’s a certain remodeling of the house I want to remember, or an activity for McKenna that I found, or even a new restaurant, I plan to use the notes section for those specific topics.


Ummm…who doesn’t like fancy stickers to put in their planners?  Some of us never grow out of that “kid” stage 😉 It’s so much fun to “decorate” your planner with fun things throughout the month.  The stickers that come standard with this planner is unbelievable.  Whether it’s for holidays or hair appointments, they even give you stickers of just cute pictures that you can use at your free will for whatever comes up.  I spent over an hour just figuring out where each sticker went and how I can use the stickers left! 🙂


Seriously, what are you waiting for?  Who doesn’t want to be organized and be caught walking around with this super fabulous planner in your hand? 😉

Lauren James Timeless Planner