Have you ever had such a great idea in your mind for your child’s birthday party but you didn’t know exactly how to execute it without spending a ton of money?  Does Pinterest make you seem inadequate and unable to deliver the party your child would swoon over?  I had those same thoughts when for my daughter’s 8th birthday this year she wanted a spa party with her girlfriends.  My initial thoughts were “oh my god, really?” and “how the hell am I going to pull this off?”  I think I did a pretty good job though for the most part and didn’t spend TOO much money in the process.  Here is the complete guide to throwing a spa party:

Plan your stations

Every little girl has their own favorite “thing” they like to do when it comes to beauty.  McKenna’s favorite thing to do is nails.  She loves to paint them and she loves having them done by someone else.  She is also a very crafty and artsy little girl as well so I wanted to make sure I incorporated a little bit of that in her party.  Her stations included a food station, nails station, letter craft station, and lip gloss making station.  Make sure your stations can be done with little supervision as possible unless you have a lot of people to help you!  I had me, myself, and I, so I made sure all the stations but one were able to be done unsupervised.

The food station was obviously full of drinks, food and cake, but you can incorporate whatever your little one desires and likes!  The recipe I found for the 7-Up Punch is here. Instead of raspberry I did orange sherbert, because honestly, I didn’t find any raspberry in the store and I wasn’t about to search for any 🙂 .  The nails station consisted of hand towels, nail files, nail polish, nail stickers, and of course Miss. Aunty Mariah who stepped up to paint all of the girls nails.  I know that’s not an easy job and I will be ever so grateful! 🙂 The letter craft station was a chance for the girls to decorate their own letter that started with their name in bedazzled jewels and even feathers.  It was something personal they can bring home and remember for a while.  The lip gloss station was the one that needed to be monitored out of the others because it was messy and required a microwave.  The girls loved to make it though and all the containers had a little “M” on them for McKenna.  I found little round stickers in Hobby Lobby and manually put an “M” on each of them with sharpie in cursive.  I found the recipe for the lip gloss here.

Supplies for each station

Make sure when you choose your station you carefully write down each and every single ingredient or object that you will need.  I broke down each station on a word doc and put in what was needed and then when I went to the store I crossed off things as I got them.  You don’t want to miss a beat because it could be the difference between a successful station and a crying or upset little girl station.  Take it piece by piece and the night before or even two nights before, combine all of the items you bought in your stations, and make sure you have everything.  I mainly shopped at Target, Hobby Lobby, King Soopers, and Sprouts for what I needed. For the lip gloss station I made sure to have coconut oil, un-petroleum jelly (Sprouts), Emergen-C and Jello packets for color, little lip gloss containers from Hobby Lobby found in the bead aisle, and bowls to mix everything up! It is very messy so beware! But good for the hands 🙂 The letter craft station consisted of a bunch of jewels found in Hobby Lobby, tacky glue, feathers, and of course large sized letters beginning with each girls names.  The nail station is pretty straight forward, you can include nail polish, nail files, nail stickers, and lotion for their hands.  The food station is self-explanatory and there are no rules to follow for this one! 🙂  For each station I had a vase with flowers and also a framed sign that explained what each station was.  The frames were from Michaels and were just an inset that you put in a frame, nothing fancy, and they were about $2 each.


There are always “extras” in kids’ parties.  The extras for this party included robes for each of the girls to feel as if they were in a “spa”, goodie boxes filled with nail polish, nail files, lotions, and nail stickers, and decorations.  The robes I found on Etsy and are super silky and good quality.  The goodie boxes I found at Hobby Lobby in the birthday section, the items in each of them were from Target, and each box was personalized to each girl with their names on it made by my sister-in-law.  Decorations which included the plates and napkins were from Target and etsy as well, there really is no limit on decorations that you can find lately.  Instead of traditional cups I bought mason jars and playful straws to use for drinks.  I even found little polka dot labels (Hobby Lobby) for the water bottles so they didn’t have the traditional look and brand label on them and blended in a lot better with the theme of the party.  I didn’t go too crazy with the deco because the main focus was on the activities rather than how everything looked! I think it turned out great and it wasn’t too much to take down afterwards, which every mom would be thankful for after preparing and putting together a party such as this.


The food was minimal because little girls are honestly focused on the activities rather than anything else.  I had my caterer from work (Lou) make a dessert tray of chocolate dipped strawberries, brownies, cookies, and other yummy delicious desserts, filled little cups with various fruits, and of course cake which was the highlight at the end.  I ordered the cake from the best place in town, Das Meyer, and they didn’t disappoint.  🙂  It was a fabulous cake and extremely yummy.

Once it’s all said and done, it’s a lot of work that comes into throwing a party, but I enjoyed it and I liked seeing smiles on all of the girls.  I love to see it all come together and also love that the girls get to bring home a little souvenir they enjoy whether that’s the silky robe, nail polish, or the custom letter they were able to decorate.  I think it’s safe to say next year will be a party at a rental facility and someone else taking care of all the logistics to give this mama a break! 🙂