Bubbly, Sweets, and Smiles…

Ok, I know we have all been to quite a few bridal showers in our time and at almost every shower there is always something that makes me go “oh my gosh, that is so cute!”  Yesterday one of my sweetest and most gracious friends had her bridal shower and “oh my gosh, it was so cute!”  Not only were the decorations super cute just as the bride-to-be is, but the food was perfect, the “photo booth” was a hit, and literally a room full of women were all smiles and laughs.  As someone that was married before, sometimes you get hung up on making sure both sides of the family and friends really mesh well together because for the rest of your life everything will now be combined with your hubby!  You don’t want to have the feeling your friends and family on both sides do not get along.  That creates a journey of problems and it’s not what two people in love want, especially in the beginning of their lives together.  This shower proved that the two families being joined together in September are literally meant to be and every single person was their to embrace the bride-to-be and celebrate a love that will last forever.


So why was this bridal shower so perfect other than the room full of love and laughter between everyone?  The decorations!  It consisted of blush colors and gold draped everywhere which made it perfect.  The venue was on a golf club course at their clubhouse which had great bones to work with even before decorations were added in the room.  The fireplace and view was a bonus 🙂  The tables consisted of white table cloths and centerpieces that were either vases of candles or bouquets of flowers with gold table confetti strewn about.  Large flowers made out of a special cardboard sat around the gift table and also on the photo prop.  Balloons were a silver or gold color and filled in any “gaps” that may have been left in the room.  The decorations didn’t overwhelm anything but was just enough for everyone to literally be obsessed with how it all came together.

Mimosa Bar

The next portion of the shower that was a huge hit was the “Bubbly Bar”.  It was the absolute cutest and was my favorite table. Obviously 😉  The table had everything you would need for the perfect mimosa.  Whether you wanted a classic orange mimosa or berry, peach, or raspberry, it was delicious!  There was even cotton candy you could pick from and put in your glass and it would fizz up and make your mimosa pink! Which was obvi the bride’s favorite.  Napkins shaped as wedding dresses, straws that had either a ring, high heel, or heart on it was the perfect addition to the mimosas.  Little dishes of strawberries, raspberries, and other yummy fruits could be added as needed and gave the mimosa a great look for photo opportunities.  Even the ice cubes which kept the champagne chilled the entire time had roses frozen in each cube and made it even more presentable than one would have ever thought!  It was accompanied by a banner in blush and gold that read “Bubbly Bar” and a garland in the same colors to accent.  Let’s just say this bubbly bar had no leftovers after all of us ladies were done 😉


The food was also to die for because it was all very light and nothing was too heavy to make you feel fat and groggy once you ate it.  Fruits, pasta salads, cheeses, chips and dips, meatballs on a stick, and of course sweets completed the food table.  I think I had two plates full 🙂 The cake pops in gold and blush pink were my fave.  I think for a bridal shower you don’t want any messy foods for your guests and you also don’t want to have too many heavy foods either because it leaves everyone feeling tired and ready for a nap after about 30 minutes.  Also, most girls dress up for the occasion so having messy foods could ruin someone’s outfit and we don’t want that!!


To end the shower everyone had a photo-op with the bride-to-be with the cute hand made flower photo frame and of course props which made for fun photos! It’s difficult to sometimes catch the bride for a photo so this was a great opportunity for everyone to get in a picture with her!  There were plenty of laughs and I think the bride wanted to keep the photo frame and take it everywhere with her at the end.

All in all this shower was one to remember.  Everything went perfectly and everyone enjoyed seeing the bride so happy and looking gorgeous as ever, which is how it should always be when going to a bridal shower.  It really makes you impatient to see how her wedding will be and look! Come on September get here already!! <3 <3


Photo props goes to: With Grace Events