Welcome to Soul-Believer

Blogging has started out as an outlet for me in my life.  I find it easier to write things down rather than speak them.  I’m a huge introvert and decided what better way to share my interests, hobbies, and be able to connect with people across the world then to blog.  I launched my blog in June 2017 and have slowly learned how to navigate in the world of wordpress, plugins, and editing constantly to make my page attractive to my readers.  I love to help people make things easier for themselves in life through DIYs, quick and fast meals, and also how to take obstacles in your life and make the best of them.  This could be anything from motherhood to your career and anywhere in between.

If you love animals, food, shopping and clothes, spending quality time with family, and tips or tricks on how to get through life lessons the easiest way possible, then you are in the right place.  When I’m cooking up a recipe for the evening that I am dying to share, you can expect a picture by picture post about it so it’s easy to follow and recreate in your own kitchen.  Links and descriptions to my favorite stores and outfits will make it easier to shop and navigate.  Simple advice on life lessons almost everyone experiences and things I’ve been through to help others in the same boat can also be found here on my blog.

I blog to release a lot of thoughts in my head, which frankly is A LOT. 🙂 I want to bring something into the world that makes even one person’s life that much better and easier. I don’t like to see people struggle and I know everyone appreciates quick fixes in their lives from time to time.  Check out more information about why I blog here.

I’m a mother to an 8-year-old girl and partner of five years to my love, Christopher, who also brings three gorgeous daughters to the table, which makes for a splendid good time, good laughs, and lots of love.  Our 2-year-old Great Dane, Hesketh and little old lady, Clover completes the house.  Growing up in Germany, travelling as an Army brat throughout my childhood and now planting myself in Colorado has given me great life lessons (also very difficult lessons) that makes me who I am today.  I have a passion for travelling because of my upbringing, eating yummy vegetarian food also due to the fact I adore animals, and ensuring those around me are loved and happy is how I want everyone to feel that I know and connect with whether it’s through this blog or in real life.

Our connections with people are what makes the world go round.  Life can be so fulfilling if we all focused on what makes us the same rather than what makes us different.  Which is why I’m a “soul-believer” we are all alike in more ways than one. 🙂

xx SB