5 Reasons Fall Is The Best Season

With Fall right around the corner and summer fading away rapidly I can’t help but think about how ready for Fall I am.  Living in Colorado we get to enjoy all four seasons throughout the year, which I find to be a good thing in life.  I don’t think I could ever live where it was either constantly hot or constantly cold.  Colorado brings warm Spring times, hot Summer times, comfortable Fall times, and very white Winter times.  It’s a great mix and I love being able to shop for all sorts of clothes to accommodate 🙂 I don’t know what it is about Fall but it brings out the best of me.  So why is Fall the best season?

Bursts of Fiery Color

Number one reason Fall is by far the best season, the beautiful changing colors of our nature around us.  The bursts of color from fiery reds to pale yellows combine into the most beautiful picture imaginable.  I just can’t get over when I am driving or walking the dogs and I see the colors taking form on the trees and bushes.  It brings a calmness to my mind and heart watching Summer fade away and Fall take form.  It reminds me of a quote which says “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go”.  I think we can apply that to a lot of different areas of our lives if we think of it as a way to let the bad go, and move on and grow into something brand new.

Sweater Weather

It might be one of the best feelings when you get to slip on an over sized sweater, throw on some leggings, comfy slippers, and lounge on the couch.  I feel like sweaters are a giant hug that stays with you all day long. 🙂  Fall wardrobe is such a relaxed feeling and super comfortable.  There are so many different kinds of sweaters that make each individual feel good in their own way.  I love the big over sized sweaters so I don’t feel so restricted and it still gives me some ventilation throughout the day if it is on the warmer side.  Everyone can find a perfect style, shape, material, and color that works for them.  Sweaters can be combined with leggings, skirts, shorts, pants, you name it!

Baking and Crockpots

One of my favorite things is walking into a home in which something has been baking or cooking which fills the entire house with the yummiest scent.  In the fall I find myself baking more, whether that is a simple cookie recipe or a new cake recipe I found somewhere on pinterest.  My first baking of this year will definitely be this Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler, recipe can be found here and I will definitely post about it when I make one!  Anything pumpkin, apple, caramel, or cream cheese filled you can count on me to salivate over it.  Not only is baking a great Fall hobby, but I also love crock-pot recipes!  Crock-pot recipes are so simple and convenient for busy moms such as myself that work all-day.  McKenna hates waiting for dinner to be done, I don’t blame her, I would be the same if I did gymnastics as much as she does!  I love coming home to the house filled with dinner in the air and all I have to do is put it on the plates.  I plan to make another version of my favorite vegetarian chile as soon as the first leaf hits the ground.  Recipe can be found here.

Warm Drinks

Along with baking and crock-pot recipes, I love being able to have warm drinks beginning in Fall.  Whether that’s my favorite green tea, go-to coffee, or cider, it makes me feel warm and cozy on the inside.  It’s even better when you are sitting on your deck, in a comfy chair, furry blanket draped over you, and with a warm drink in your hand enjoying the weather and scenery outside.  It makes me feel instantly calmer in my mind and body which anyone can use at the beginning or end of the day.

Holiday Season

I get excited just thinking about holiday season approaching when Fall arrives for one purpose only, family time.  I think we can all agree during the year you find yourself busy with all sorts of activities, whether it’s vacations during Spring and Summer, weddings galore, working your butt off at your job, birthday parties, and everything in-between.  You don’t have time for the most important thing, family.  When Fall settles in more people start to wind down, the travel comes to an end, vacations aren’t as frequent, and more family gatherings occur.  Fall brings us Thanksgiving which is by far the best day ever because you can start drinking at eight in the morning and no one questions it, you can eat as much as you want and no one stares at you, and you can literally go to bed at like six in the evening and no one makes fun of you for it.  🙂  I love being with my loved ones and enjoying good eats, drinks, and laughs.  It helps close the year out in the most positive way.

What is your favorite thing about Fall?  There are so many things to love about it!