5-5-5 Meal

This year for fourth of July I planned on doing a bunch of nothing!  McKenna is with her father this year, and Christopher is headed off to England to be with the girls.  Tomorrow starts a big day for me due to a new boss coming in so I want to make sure I’m in tip top shape for work tomorrow, which means laying low and hanging out with the puppies.  I was getting a little hungry about an hour ago and went straight for my go-to meal and decided why not share it today!

If you have yet to read my post about being a vegetarian, well, surprise I am one! 🙂  This meal can be customized though to include any sort of deli meat your heart desires.  I call this meal my 5-5-5 meal because it involves 5 ingredients (if you count the condiments as one), 5 minutes to prep the food, and 5 minutes to cook it.  Let’s be honest, when someone is hungry you don’t want to spend numerous amounts of time making food, you just want to eat!  These ingredients are usually found right in your refrigerator and doesn’t require anything fancy or any major skills to complete.

Let’s get started!


Whole wheat bread

50/50 mix of lettuce and spinach

Muenster cheese


Dijon Mustard & Sriracha

Prep and Cooking:

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit/176 degrees Celsius.  Slice mushrooms and put them to the side.  Take your one or two or more slices of bread depending on how many you want to make and spread dijon mustard and sriracha sauce on each slice evenly.

Sriracha can be left off if you do not want it a little bit spicy.  Put one layer of 50/50 lettuce and spinach mix on top and add the mushrooms you sliced on top.  If you would like to add deli meat now would be the time to do so.  Take one slice of muenster cheese per sandwich and place on top.  This is an open faced sandwich so do not put a slice of bread on top!

Place sandwiches on a baking pan and bake in the oven for 5 minutes, or until cheese is melted to your satisfaction.  Take out of oven and viola! A yummy melted, flavorful little sandwich 🙂

This is one of my favorite sandwiches because it doesn’t require much prep and cook time and fills me up for quite a while.

Hope you enjoyed!