4 Ways to be a Loyal Friend

I think all of us have gone through a number of friends in our life from the moment we start interacting with others at a young age until we find our way at the end of our life’s journey.  Some have kept friendships from Kindergarten until well in their old age, and some of us have multiple good friends all throughout our lives.  It’s always a joy to find someone who has the same hobbies, interests, and is just fun to be around journeying through life’s obstacles.  But there are also the people who come into our lives and teach us lessons the hard way about what kind of friends you do not want around for even a day longer.  Being a friend can be hard at times.  You don’t say the right things sometimes, you mess up sometimes, you do things you wish you could take back, and even some just forget how to be a “good” friend.  Sometimes you even find yourself not being a “good enough” friend.  Your “true” friends will hopefully weigh the good with the bad, in hopes to take the good and continue a stronger friendship than before.  So how can we be a good friend you ask?  I believe there are four (maybe more) ways to be a loyal  and “good” friend which in return will attract loyal friends into your tribe as well.

Be Trustworthy

Sounds simple right?  It’s not.  Being trustworthy means your friends are relying on you to be honest and truthful to them at all times.  Sure, there might be some things your friends do that you wouldn’t agree with, but the same might go on their end with you too!  But that’s ok, we learn to appreciate the differences and know that no matter what, you have a friend by your side that is trustworthy and that is worth more than having someone agree with a certain lifestyle you may have.  Being trustworthy means consistently telling the truth, being dependable, keeping promises, and being accountable for one’s mistakes.  Accept your differences and hold on to the meaningful attributes of a friend.  No one is perfect, keep that in mind.  Some truths from your friends may hurt, and some will be hurt by what you say, but if said in the right light and time, it will show you truly care deep down and from there that friendship will flourish and hopefully be “forever”.

Be Respectful

Goes without saying, but be respectful of your friends.  This kind of ties into being trustworthy as well.  When you are trustworthy, normally being respectful follows right along side.  Friendships will test boundaries, and sometimes boundaries will be overstepped, but then you have to ask yourself the question, is the friendship worth salvaging?  If it isn’t, then let it go, if it is, then put some effort in it.  Speak kind words and do nice things for your friends.  Words can hurt someone tremendously and at often times will not be forgotten.  So think before you speak, and think before you do.  If you mess up, ask for forgiveness, and don’t repeat it ever again.  Give respect and you will receive it back.

Be Available

Obviously when you have a friend you normally want to be around them as much as possible!  The whole reason you became friends is because you enjoy their company.  Whether it’s grabbing a small bite to eat, going out on the town, or even vacationing together, it’s always fun to be around friends.  Take the time to engage with your friends face to face, or even if they are having a bad day or need advice, answer the phone or text them.  Be available to be their friend.  Some of us have relationships we rely on for daily communication, but having a friend convo and relationship is different.  Being available shows you care about their time and you do care about them as a person.

Be You

Can’t say it enough.  Just be you.  Don’t be someone you are not.  If you don’t like to party, don’t go to parties.  If you don’t like doing this and that in which your friends do, don’t conform and force yourself to do it.  It will only make you resent your friends in the end and the whole intention of friendships are enjoying each others company and relating to each other on many levels in life itself.  Don’t change who you are, because the right friends are out there for you that enjoy who you truly are and will accept you for who you are.  Life’s a lot more fun when you have someone to do things YOU enjoy right by your side.  🙂

So, what if you are all of these things but still don’t have many friends?  Maybe you messed up a friendship and decided from then on to not open yourself back up to others?  Maybe you need a little bit of “me” time and then you will find the right friends?  Maybe the right ones are out there, you just need to keep looking and they will eventually come to you.  Maybe, you just need a dog instead. 🙂